Thursday, March 29, 2007

Conference presentations

Tom and I have presented at the international conference "Gumanitarni Problemy Stanovlennia Suchasnoho Fakhivczia" (8th International Conference for the Professionalization and Modernization of the Humanities and Social Sciences) at the National University of Aviation in Kyiv. Tom presented at two sessions and I presented as one of the four keynote speakers at the plenary session.

Halyzckyj Instytut Chornovola and Pochayevo

Our wonderful host, President of the Institute took us to Pochayevo Monastery of the most significant religious symbols in Ukraine. As all women on the Lavra territory I had to wear a scarf (There are no such requirements for men)

Computer class with the Soviet wall panel.

Ternopil highlights

Ternopil Streets and central square with the theater.

Video of the presentation

Here are some pictures from our working breakfast, and the presentation. After the working breakfast I gave my talk for the audience of the computer science and law students. The news about our arrival spread rather quickly, before my talk local television arrived and took an interview first with the Dean, then with me. You can watch the clip here.

Visit to Ternopil

Visit to Ternopil

I had an opportunity to visit western Ukraine, regional center Ternopil. Mykola Mykolayevych Glybovetc arranged an invitation for me to give a talk at Галицький Інститут Ім.В.Чорновола on the topic of piracy and intellectual property in Ukraine. It was very interesting for me and Tom to see other parts of Ukraine and experience once warm Ukrainian hospitality. People in Ternopil gave us absolutely royal treatment. We were met at the train station, whisked away for the business lunch with three courses and lots of wine and cognac.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy family freezing

Rare occasion of getting together with my sister in Kyiv, in ЦУМ (Central Universal Magazine)

New Obolon, New Vodka

I want to be fair, not everything on Obolon is Soviet and crumbling. New capitalist Obolon with McDonalds and shiny advertisements is prospering next to the Old Obolon.

There is an amazing array of tasteful vodka bottles available everywhere.